NOV. 3 – 8, 2019


Product Owner's Dancing Guide to Writing Acceptance Tests

A starting guide for Product Owners to write good user story acceptance tests through dance.

Aristotle once said "Well begun is half done." User Stories need 3 C's to start the team on the right foot. Be sure to include good Confirmation/Acceptance tests in your stories because they get your team halfway to done!

If you struggle when you write acceptance tests for your user stories, fear not! There is help. Instead of telling you about a testing model to help you think of tests, come to this session and we will dance our way to understanding. We will demystify terms like: acceptance criteria, ATDD, BDD, and Gherkin notation; and leave you with a memorable way to think of good tests to impress your teams. Come discover how learning can be fun and insightful.

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