NOV. 8 – 13, 2020


Intro to Visual UI Testing

One Does Not Simply Do Bitmap Comparison

See how you can easily avoid front-end bugs and visual regressions

Manually testing your app for UI bugs across multiple browsers and devices is a tedious process – completely out of touch and out of time with today’s CI-CD ecosystem demands and requirements.  And if you tried pixel-by-pixel visual testing you know there is nothing automated about it.

But now there are scalable and robust enterprise-grade solutions that can help you accelerate the once-manual and tedious process with automated visual testing that goes beyond pixel-by-pixel screenshot comparison.

In this 30-minute session, you’ll see how you can easily avoid front-end bugs and visual regressions, as well as substantially increase coverage, by adding scalable automated visual testing to your existing automated.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Successfully perform large-scale automated visual testing

  • Leverage visual testing to increase coverage, while reducing maintenance efforts

  • Run a live visual test with Applitools

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