NOV. 15 – 18, 2021

Exploratory Testing Challenge

Alex Schladebeck

What are we doing when we're doing exploratory testing

How to narrate and explain your testing


Exploratory Testing Challenge

"When an application challenges you to a testing duel"

Live exploratory testing in action - on a mystery application!

It starts with a challenge... After doing live, narrated exploratory testing on stage for a web page I knew, I received a challenge to do the same thing for an application chosen by other people. That I know nothing about until I'm on stage testing it.

Sounds terrifying, right? Yes! But I believe that we can all learn something about testing and how our brains model and work when we're testing by doing this.

The session will be interactive, with participants making observations and suggestions. We'll do a couple of short sessions with debriefs, and do a final debrief to see what we're learned.

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