NOV. 3 – 8, 2019


Embracing the Cognitive Future of Testing

Cognitive Testing and QA approaches to take on the Cognitive future

The explosion of cognitive solutions heralds in a revolution in IT. Knowing how to test them is key

The explosion of cognitive solutions is heralding in a new revolution in IT, industry and our lives as a whole. To better understand how Agile Testing is reshaping and transforming to handle this shift, this session looks at concrete Cognitive Testing or QA approaches to taking on the cognitive future. The close relation to Artificial Intelligence and Automation as a whole will also be covered. The cognitive future is already undergoing massive growth and so the need to be ahead or at least on top of this wave to ride its possibilities in testing is already becoming increasingly important. Those that follow too late behind will be finding themselves in “catch up” mode in order to be able to be testing these systems in the most efficient, automated and artificially intelligent manner. Understanding what the testing objectives and challenges are and what testing approaches and strategies are needed to test these cognitive based technologies is a basis. Then looking to the more concrete skills, tools, mind set and pragmatic ways to get started with this new way of testing is a first step to ride this wave and this session will aim to inform and inspire you to embrace the cognitive future in testing now instead of shying away from it.

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