Communication Workshop

Develop your superpower in the world of business

Communication skills are sought after skills and rightly so. Learn how to develop yours.

Getting results in life and work requires hard work, skills and strong relationships.

To build strong relationships requires great communication skills. In the world of work relationships are essential for everyone's success.

  • Communicating with others can be tricky.
  • Reading their subtle body language feedback is a skill we could all do with developing.
  • It can be overwhelming to try and read the emotion in a room of people.
  • It can be hard to alter our communication approach for different audiences.
  • In fact, it can be tricky to construct effective communication right from the start.

In this fun and high energy session we will have a laugh learning about communication.

I will give you enough underlying communication science to be effective. I will provide you with tactics and skills that can help you to become an amazing communicator. We'll cover non-verbal communication and how to use it for effective communication. And we'll help you discover your own tone of voice.

We'll also uncover your natural style of communication and how to bridge any gaps you have. We'll also cover why we cannot rely on expertise alone and how relationships fuel the world of work.

At the end of the session you will have enough information to develop your superpower in the world of work. As with all superpowers though - please use this one for good, no evil.


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