NOV. 8 – 13, 2020


Build quality in – the new black?

Building bridge between business needs and IT implementation

Create models with the users by using techniques from your own toolbox, test design techniques.

All too often we focus on quality assuring activities as a reactive activity – we review or test the code when it is done, trying to test the quality in. But we cannot test quality in, we need to change the focus to much earlier activities. We must focus on building quality in,  a "shift left" mindset. But what does it mean? What needs to change to get this focus? 

Often methods like TDD, BDD and ATDD are mentioned as the way to build quality in, but there are also other ways. Gitte introduces the concepts of building quality in, and challenge you to move your focus, support your team in understanding what your customer want before you code it, not by writing large comprehensive requirement specifications, but by using models to understand the needed behavior before you create the solution. And you have the tools for this already, create models by using tools from your own toolbox, test design techniques. As a part of the workshop they share experiences with using models to agree on what is needed – to get a common picture between IT and business, and to use these models not only as requirement foundation but also as direct input for the test activities in the team. The workshop will be a combination of presentation and a lot of practical hands on work with the theory.

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