NOV. 8 – 13, 2020


BeerNote - Agile Testing Late Night Cabaret Volume IV

Let’s show the talents of our leaders by starting a new tradition!

This is our evening showcase. This is our Cabaret!

Based on popular demand and listening to the audience, the time is right in the night for sharing ideas in Agile Testing in a fun and exciting manner. The Cabaret was started in positive response to many calling for an evening session and the “Cabaret Café” format was born. This session will allow for all of the participants to Join in the fun with the Master of Ceremonies leading an unforgettable session musically as well as with spoken word and guest stars.

The evening session entertains and informs and carries the energy of collaboration and sharing into the free open format of a performance for all to enjoy. This fun session will focus on knowledge transfer in the field of Agile Testing combining serious amusement and plenty of music, acts and laughs, and sharing our stories and experiences with the AgileTD community unified around the energy of a Late Night Cabaret atmosphere.

The free style is aligned with the innovative and out of the box thinking that Agile represents. The theme of leadership plays a part as it is those leaders who typify the synthesis of serious Agile Testing knowledge and tremendous talent in the community that know this evening session allows for a showcase to share our testing experiences in the best way: The Fun way ! We learn best we we are at ease and having fun.

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome to an exciting evening!







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