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November 13–17, 2017 Potsdam, Germany

Wim Heemskerk

Wim Heemskerk

Wim Heemskerk helps development & management teams to be agile in their practices. He is an agilist, a software craftsman, a wave maker. Wim inspires, encourages learning, and leads by example. As a hands-on change agent, he stimulates the alignment of process, technology and organisation, right down to day to day action.

He works to create lasting change, the kind people say they created and wanted themselves. He supports others on their quests for agility, leadership, great software, and test automation that actually pays off.

Sessions Hosted by Wim Heemskerk

150-minute Workshop

All levels

10:25-12:25 Friday 17th Room D5+D6 - Workshop Track 4