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November 13–17, 2017 Potsdam, Germany

Sharath Byregowda

Sharath Byregowda

Sharath Byregowda is an experienced consultant with a deep passion for testing and quality, developed through various roles across different domains.

He seeks to understand the specifics of each situation, selecting practices that fit the context. He also likes to work closely with developers, testers and other business functions to reduce bottlenecks and improve collaboration.

As a practitioner, Sharath is compelled by questions around what makes good quality, how to mitigate product risks and how to design tests to provide fast, valuable information to answer these questions.

He is also the co-founder of Weekend Testing and blogs at

Sessions Hosted by Sharath Byregowda

150-minute Workshop

Beginner session

14:25-17:25 Tuesday 14th Room E2+E3 - Workshop Track 1

Full-Day Tutorial (6 hours)

All levels

9:00-17:00 Monday 13th