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November 13–17, 2017 Potsdam, Germany

Mark Winteringham

Mark Winteringham

Mark is a tester, coach, mentor, teacher and international speaker, presenting workshops and talks on technical testing techniques. He has worked on award-winning projects across a wide variety of technology sectors ranging from broadcast, digital, financial and public sector working with various Web, mobile and desktop technologies. Mark is an expert in technical testing and test automation and is a passionate advocate of risk-based automation and automation in testing practises which he regularly blogs about at he is also the co-founder of the Software Testing Clinic in London, a regular workshop for new and junior testers to receive free mentoring and lessons in software testing. Mark also has a keen interest in various technologies, developing new apps and Internet of thing devices regularly. You can get in touch with Mark on twitter: @2bittester

Sessions Hosted by Mark Winteringham

Full-Day Tutorial (6 hours)

All levels

9:00-17:00 Monday 13th

30-minute Talk

Advanced session

11:10-11:40 Thursday 16th Room F2 - Talk Track 1

Cinema Replay of: "Liberation not replication: Automate to support testing"

16:10-16:40 Thursday 16th Room F2 - Talk Track 1