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November 13–17, 2017 Potsdam, Germany

Liz Keogh

Liz Keogh

Liz Keogh is a Lean and Agile consultant based in London. She is a well-known blogger and international speaker, a core member of the BDD community and a contributor to a number of open-source projects including JBehave. She has a strong technical background with over 15 years’ experience in delivering value and coaching others to deliver, from small start-ups to global enterprises. Most of her work now focuses on Lean, Agile and organizational transformations, and the use of transparency, positive language, well-formed outcomes and safe-to-fail experiments in making change innovative, easy and fun.

Sessions Hosted by Liz Keogh

45-minute Keynote

Beginner session

17:40-18:25 Thursday 16th Room F1+F2+F3

Full-Day Tutorial (6 hours)

All levels

9:00-17:00 Monday 13th