10th anniversary
NOV. 11–16, 2018


10th anniversary


We don't need no Education?

How do we implement learnings from training in our organisations?

As many other companies we have been fighting the last many years on finding the right education for our test professionals. We are not good enough! Not skilled enough. Not working in the same direction as an organization.

A couple of years ago we decided to bring in a new education. It sounded very promising. We had big expectations to how our testers and test managers would now perform as one big uniform group with the same high professional level after attending these certifications.

One day not many months ago, we woke up and faced reality. We faced a crowd of testers and test managers still working in different directions. Still with very different professional competencies. We did not agree on what had been taught. Maybe we were looking in the wrong direction! Maybe we were staring at the world to find the solutions to all of our problems realizing we should be finding most of the solutions in our own ranks.

This will be the story of how an IT company as many others struggles to find new ways to learn. A story of how we struggle bringing the learnings back and using it with passion – the passion we have for testing. This will also be the story of how we discovered that we had not manifested the learnings in our organization. Least but not last the story of how we began the long journey on doing so.

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