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November 13–17, 2017 Potsdam, Germany

The Pothole of Automating Too Much

What are the problems of trying to automate too much and what can you do about it?

Do you work for a company that has decided that 100% automation is their approach to testing? Is your company spending a lot of time and effort on an automation strategy but your customers feel the product quality is going downhill? Does the management at your company feel that automation is the silver bullet that will save money, increase coverage or reduce headcount?

In this talk, Paul Holland will discuss some issues and problems with that approach. He will provide the participants with strong arguments why the “automate everything" approach will likely not be successful and provide details of an alternative balanced approach that will likely yield higher quality in the software. Paul will discuss the difference between testing & checking, detail 5 problems that can and do occur in situations where companies try to automate too much, tell real life stories from companies he has worked with, and provide details of a broader “balanced” solution.

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