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November 13–17, 2017 Potsdam, Germany

The Alchemy of Leadership

How to Lead for High Performance

Metrics Don’t Matter. Engage People to Stop Surviving and Start Thriving.

Managing for performance and innovation with metrics is old paradigm.

To be an industry giant today, you must lead people to step into their personal power. To be a company that people WANT to work for, you must align with and create an environment that supports their values. To delight your customers, you must light them up. To engage staff as innovative high performers, you must connect with their inner voice and truth and allow them to share their brilliance.

Leadership is a practice of alchemy. The new paradigm requires leaders to be masters of energy and transformation. In this interactive class, learn practical approaches to engage your staff to rapidly shift from survival and disempowerment into thriving and empowered performers. Your business success relies on it.