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November 13–17, 2017 Potsdam, Germany

Testing Web Services

Learn how APIs work, how to explore an API and ultimately generate and execute tests against an API

Morning: Understanding and testing RESTful Web services

We start with participants learning the fundamentals of what makes a Web service and how to build requests to query and manipulate data from a web service. The attendees will learn key skills through testing a bespoke web service, learning how the service and requests work, and discovering and reporting bugs.

  • What is a Web service?
  • How to build requests to query and manipulate data from a Web service
  • Test design techniques to consider when testing a Web service
  • What is REST and what makes a Web service RESTful?

Afternoon: Exploring and modelling web services

Participants will get an opportunity to learn how to explore a platform containing multiple Web services, build a model of how the platform works and the use that knowledge to build a series of automated checks. We will look at different tools and sources of information we can leverage in our exploring before discussing we should use using models to build up a picture of how we can generate our test ideas. 

  • Tools we can use to explore a Web service platform
  • How to model an application from a backend perspective
  • Designing a test suite based on your application model
  • How to automate your test suite using current toolsets

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