10th anniversary
NOV. 11–16, 2018


10th anniversary


Testing & the Internet of Things - Stephan's Labyrinth

Educate Jareth XLII, King of the Goblins, about risks and interfaces in the internet of things

Find (new) risks & interfaces while playing an internet of things game

The 'Internet of Things' provides a large number of new ways to interact with soft- and hardware. For example, devices may track how many steps we walk during a day, or open doors by waving an RFID tag. 

We are facing many more interfaces today than just a few years ago, and each of them provides a potential attack vector for evil-minded folks. With every new way of interaction comes the decision about what kind of testing is necessary – and whether testing is needed at all. 

As a concrete example we will play 'Stephan's Labyrinth': Players navigate through a set of devices and interact with them. 
They start in the goblin king's room to register themselves using RFID tags (tags are provided). Since the goblin king wants everybody in his kingdom to be tracked, the tags will be used in every room of the labyrinth, so the king can follow the turn of things in his kingdom. The interfaces used in the game help us to come up with ways in which we interact with other devices we may already use in everyday live. To end the game players will have to find their way back to the kings room.

During the workshop (and while playing the game) we will create a list of interfaces and perceived risks that should be tested.
This information actually is the key learning the session provides (apart from the fact that dealing with the Internet of Things can be a whole lot of fun).

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