10th anniversary
NOV. 11–16, 2018


10th anniversary


Testing in a Continuous World

Session video

How to continuously learn for successful continuous delivery

Explore ways to test and build confidence so continuous delivery isn’t scary.

Nowadays users are quite used to getting product updates every other day. Many teams want to release updates to production more frequently, but they’re struggling to complete testing activities and fear that they might deliver big bugs instead of valuable features. Continuous delivery of reliable software is a huge challenge.


Many teams already develop their products in small chunks, but how does testing and quality fit into this fast-paced scenario? How can we not only continuously deliver, but continuously provide value to our users?


Elisabeth and Lisa have worked in teams who struggled to have testing fully integrated, being able to only release once every few weeks. They’ve also experienced highly collaborative teams who could easily deliver multiple times a day to quickly validate if they added value. What's your situation, can you keep up with testing and release frequently?


In this hands-on workshop, participants will have a chance to practice techniques that can help teams feel confident releasing more frequently. We will facilitate activities in which participants will come up with new experiments to help shorten feedback cycles, make sure all essential types of testing are done continually, and fit testing into the continuous world. Let's share experiences and develop custom solutions for your specific scenarios together!

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