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November 13–17, 2017 Potsdam, Germany

Speakers Open Space

This year we invite all our speakers to join an huge Open Space event. This session is dedicated to bring together Agile & Software Testing thought leaders and the brightest minds of this year's Agile Testing Days to discuss about the future of Agile Testing.

Speakers can use this chance to finetune the details and content of their sessions, they can also use it to update their slides. It is also a chance to get some inspiration for new talks and workshops in the future. 

Furthermore it is an exclusive chance for new speakers to get some hints and insights from freaquent spekaers and freaquent speakers can take a mentoring role.

Our Open Space facilitators will help you to create different working groups and groups of interest which will help you to solve your problems.

As a this year's speaker you should not miss this immense knowledge sharing kick-off!