10th anniversary
NOV. 11–16, 2018


10th anniversary


Rethinking Agile Leadership

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Agile without contextual, distributed, emergent leadership isn't Agile.

Modern and truly Agile organizations want and need to, among other things: explore and validate multiple options, not sticking to predefined plans; learn constantly, re-plan as needed; leverage the collective intelligence of their teams, for better exploration of options and smarter learning; have built-in resiliency when facing sudden change; getting results out of people's contribution, not out of people's compliance.

Agile Leadership or, rather, the act of "leading" in Agile is so much different from those disciplines because it's inherently organic, meaning that it has influence and is influenced on a number of different levels in the individual and in the organization: on the personal level; on the collective level; on current behaviors; on future behaviors; on the social relationship level (trust); on the personal responsibility level (participation); on the formal responsibility level (accountability); on the motivational level and many more. 

In this talk we will discuss the case for Agile leadership, why we need it, what are the benefits to the organization and why it's different from other leadership approaches. We'll talk about the individual skills and "mental stances" that allow leaders to support an organizational Agile mindset. Finally, we will challenge a few common assumptions on leadership and suggest alternatives.

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