10th anniversary
NOV. 11–16, 2018


10th anniversary


Make a Bigger Difference as a Tester

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Conscious Choices increase our Impact and our Confidence

Intention and Awareness lead to Deliberate Action

At work, we want to make a difference with an intention. We want to contribute to our products and teams, for our organisations and customers. We want to do a job we can be proud of!

It's not always obvious how testing adds value to a product. One reason for that is that testing deals with a lot of polarities:

  • engaging at the start vs at the end of the process
  • manual vs automated testing
  • prescribed scripts vs exploration
  • time spent developing vs time spent testing ... 

All of these polarities imply decisions and choices we need to make, some of these quite frequently. There are no simple or easy answers - the environment is complex, the context changing, there's so much we don't know ... And every decision has a trade-off, comes at a price. We never get enough time to do everything that seems needed. 

In this session, we will explore some of these polarities by drawing and sharing awareness maps. We will learn together about our awareness of context, and the intentions that drive our choices.

We will apply a framework for decision and action to better understand our contexts, the relationships in our system, and how our actions help that system and our product grow.

What's in it for me?

Learn together with other experts and increase your awareness about how to address these hard choices. Use awareness maps - the method we use - at work with your teams or your customers. Integrate different perspectives, viewpoints, and levels of expertise to get to better choices, faster, with less drama.  

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