10th anniversary
NOV. 11–16, 2018


10th anniversary


Introduce Agile Business Intelligence sustainably

Implement the right building blocks in the right order.

Agile Business Intelligence needs BI-specific adaptation of agile practices - learn what and how.

"We now do Agile BI too” is often heard in todays BI community. But can you really "create" agile in Business Intelligence projects? This presentation shows that Agile BI doesn't necessarily start with the introduction of an iterative project approach. An organisation is well advised to establish first the necessary foundations in regards to organisation, business and technology in order to become capable of an iterative, incremental project approach in the BI domain.

In this session you learn which building blocks you need to consider. In addition you will see what a meaningful sequence to these building blocks is. Selected aspects like test automation, BI specific design patterns  as well as the Disciplined Agile Framework will be explained in more and practical details.

Top 3 Take Aways:

-             Identify what building blocks are necessary to introduce Agile BI in a sustainable way

-             Learn about the sequence of implementation of the building blocks for Agile BI

-             Become aware of typical trap doors when starting Agile BI

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