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November 13–17, 2017 Potsdam, Germany

Effective communication - the key to be a better team player

Improve your communication with the team and become a better team player!

This lightning talk is about effective communication in the team, especially when you are the tester - "the bad guy" presenting the news that something does not work as expected.
Do you want to work easy with the developers in your team? Do you want to work better with the rest of the testers? Do you want to be honored with the "Team Player" badge during the performance reviews? But what is the formula of being a better team player? The formula is simple. Team player = Effective communication.
Miroslava will share her experience with effective communication. She has experience as a developer, as a tester and as a team leader. Miroslava will bring examples from her daily work and will provide tips on how to improve our communication skills.

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