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November 13–17, 2017 Potsdam, Germany

Debriefs? What? Really? How?

Get the most out of your notes and debriefs

We will introduce you to DEFT, which will help you gather, visualise, & learn from contextual data.

In this workshop, Sharath and Tony will introduce you to the Debriefing ET Framework (DEFT), which will help you gather, visualise, and learn from contextual data.

Would you like to use your debriefs to their maximum potential, and increase their impact?

This workshop will help you add value to your debriefs, as well as demonstrate the benefits of Exploratory Testing.

Learn to improve your notes to incorporate:

  • Areas for scripts/automation to assist in testing

  • Stories/features which were not clearly understood

  • Opportunities for mentoring/coaching


Discover a range of hints and tips on improving your notes and boosting your Exploratory Testing skills.

Through discussion and practical exercises, we will look at:

  • The importance of debriefs

    • What sort of information can be gained

    • What can be done with this information

  • Getting familiar with the DEFT framework

    • Different ways of using it

    • Different ways of sharing information


Attendees will leave with the ability to demonstrate the value of Exploratory Testing.

As well as:

  • An understanding of different note taking methods

  • A method of producing data which can also be used as a way to talk to stakeholders and team members

  • Visualisation and coverage of their Exploratory Testing


FEATURE: get the most out of your notes and debriefs.

BENEFIT: more information, visibility and visualisation of testing.

RESULT: increased interest in testing, increased value from debriefs, more discussion and opportunities for learning.

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