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November 13–17, 2017 Potsdam, Germany

BDD with Cynefin

Use examples in conversation to embrace uncertainty, reduce risk and learn fast!

Behaviour-Driven Development is a practice in which we talk through different examples (scenarios) of how a system might work, from the perspective of its many users. In this unique tutorial we mix BDD with Cynefin, the sensemaking framework that helps makes sense of the world around you and the problems you encounter depending on their predictability.
The course provides thinking and conversational tools to enable teams, product owners and managers to address risk early, develop a deep understanding of requirements at different scales, shorten the time needed to reach that understanding, produce high-quality, innovative solutions, and create human-readable, relevant and memorable tests as a by-product… and it's not just applicable to software!

For each outcome, attendees will demonstrate the skill during interactive exercises in the course.

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